Imagine yourself booking an E- ticket in Shatabdi Express from Banglore to Chennai and getting a WL35 (Waiting List queued to 35). Your day of departure is after 8 days for a crucial meeting in Chennai and your work schedule for the week is tight and overloaded. Amidst your busy schedule, it would be an irritating add on for you to keep checking your PNR status online from time to time to know of the progress that you are having in getting it CNF(Confirmed) or getting it in RAC(Reserved Against Cancellation). The second cumbersome add on would be on the day of departure when you would be waiting for the chart to be prepared. The train is due at 4 PM and you check the status at noon and it is still showing WL7 hence you start looking for other traveling means. You book a bus ticket since you think there is no chance. But now since you are not following up with the progress, upon chart preparation the status shoots to RAC 10 which is half-berth confirmed ticket. If you are aware enough you might board the train or cancel the ticket. But if you’re in chaos you might lose the chance of boarding it and also may lose your money if you do not cancel it 30min. before departure. This would be a complete misfortune and disaster.

But there is a simple solution to these unworthy problems –

Paytm has now launched an online service on its rail-booking platform to enable customers to check their PNR Status instantly after booking train tickets on its platform. the best part is it gives you the platform for booking reservations to checking PNR status.

“Our new PNR Status service is aimed at extending the trusted and convenient Paytm experience to waitlisted rail travellers booking tickets with us. This is the first of many exciting features that we have planned for this year in our endeavor to build the most compelling booking experience for rail travellers.”  Abhishek Rajan, Vice President, Paytm said,