The Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, launched the Sahaj Bijili Har Ghar Yojana or the “Saubhagya”. This  Yojana aims at supplying electricity to poor households. It is said that this scheme will cover electrification of all villages by December of this year, in almost all the rural areas. The states will be required to complete the household electrification by March 31 of the year 2019.

Prime Minister said that poor welfare is at the core of his government and they keep the poor section in mind while they think of development. Just like the Prime Minister’s Mudra Yojana, where the government provide loans to the poor people without bank guarantee.

In this new scheme the poor will not be charged for the electricity connection but the government will bring the connection to the poor’s doorstep.  The PM said that India is progressing towards a power surplus country from power deficient country. Maybe there are less  than 3,000 villages that are not under the recent scheme out of 18,000 total villages. PM further added that the government has worked on electricity projects worth more than Rs 1 lakh crore in past three years, India is moving towards “One Nation- One Grid- One Price”.


PM said that the government is working on 6 basic principles in providing secure electricity to the people, that is, easy, affordable, clean, well planned, safe and secure. In new India we are focusing on equity, efficiency and sustainability.

The total money to be spend for this new scheme will be Rs. 16,320 crore. Out of this Rs. 14025 crore is for the rural areas and Rs. 2295 crore for the urban areas while the GBS are Rs. 10,587 and Rs. 1,732 respectively.  The scheme will be funded 60 % grant from the government, with the state contributing 10% and the rest will be covered by loans.

Electricity connections above the poverty line will be of Rs. 500 each which will be paid in installments and the connections for the below poverty line will be of free of cost.

The next target for the government after the fulfillment of this scheme will be reliable quality of electricity 24/7 with no load shedding.