The election commission has decided to hold assembly elections for Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh differently for this term, as compared to the elections being held simultaneously each five year term for both the states.

In a press conference, Chief Election Commissioner A K Jyoti said that the Gujarat state government had asked for more time to complete the ongoing flood relief work in the state and full repair of the damaged and washed out roads.

While the media found this amusing, the opposition blamed the Election Commission of making an excuse, and said that it was covering for the BJP, who needed more time for the PM’s election rally in the state.

Days after this, the PM’s Gujarat rally, namely “Gujarat Gaurav Mahasammelan” happened today amidst much pomp and show, where the PM directly lashed out at the Congress and Rahul Gandhi while addressing over 7 Lakh “karyakartas” in the state. The Rally was the equivalent of a closing ceremony for BJP’s Gaurav March, which started on 1st October.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused Congress President Rahul Gandhi of Slow development in the state, and side-lashing Gujarat and its needs he compared the state with the condition of Amethi and said that when Rahul has ignored his own constituency (Amethi), how will he take care of Gujarat.

He (Rahul) flowed river water into the sea but did not let the people of Gujarat drink it, were the PM’s words.

The previous elections in the two states were held simultaneously, that is, a single-phased election on 4 November 2012 for Himachal Pradesh, and double-faced election on 13th and 17th December, respectively for Gujarat.

This year, however, the elections are scheduled to happen on different dates.