A patent is a selective right conceded for a development, which is an item or a procedure that gives another method for accomplishing something, or offers another specialized answer for an issue. A patent gives assurance to the creation to the proprietor of the patent for a constrained period, by and large 20 years. The main enactment in India identifying with licenses was the Act VI of 1856. The goal of this enactment was to support creations of new and helpful makes and to actuate innovators to uncover mystery of their inventions.In 1952 a revision was made to give mandatory permit in connection with licenses in regard of sustenance and meds, bug spray, disinfectant or fungicide and a procedure for delivering a substance or any development identifying with surgical or corrective devices.Indian patent act changed 9 times till now and the most recent alteration is in 2005. Indian organizations that are currently creating non-exclusive forms of medications for which patent applications were submitted between the marking of the WTO (World Trade Organization) ascension in 1995 and January 1, 2005 will be permitted to keep doing as such just on the off chance that they pay a “sensible” sovereignty to the patent holder. This is an everything except ironclad certification that the costs of such medications will increment and increment sharply.The most recent Amendment (2005) empowered Patent Act to fabulous Product patent for Pharmaceutical Substances and brought cancellation of elite promoting rights from the act to Meet WTO Treaty. By this, most new drugs (patentable in 1995 or later) will be evaluated far from the considerable larger part of individuals in India. Through patent law, the designer will have an acknowledgement and directly over his item. Along these lines, this rouses them and furthermore many individuals to develop something valuable.On the off chance that whatever other individual develops a similar thing freely yet a couple of days after the fact, he won’t have directly over that as the individual, who as of now concocted it can document a body of evidence against him.By applying the patent law on wellbeing related items, for example, pharmaceuticals testing types of gear, basic man endures as he needs to pay additional cost.Patent bill is useful for India as well as for each nation as it is doing equity for the creators. Be that as it may, this patent bill ought not to turn into an additional weight to basic man.