While the country observed Pakistan’s win over the chief opponent, India, in the finals on Sunday, Syed Hussain Raza Zaidi battled for his life in an operation theater at Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center (JPMC) in Karachi.

“Father, I’ve been shot,” were the last expressions of a 15-year-old kid who kicked the bucket in the wake of being struck by a stray projectile from elevated discharging as festivities rang crosswise over Pakistan over its cricket groups Champions Trophy win.

The furious celebration changed into a day of grieving for Syed Qazim Raza Zaidis family, who lost his eldest child, Hussain. It was not a separated episode as a few people were accounted for to have been harmed in celebratory on-air firing.

Hussain was remaining on the gallery of his home and watching firecrackers in the zone when he told his dad, “Daddy a few men holding weapons are shooting (now) that Pakistan are the new champions.”


Qazim requested that his child come inside and when he swung to go in his room, he heard his child shout.

“He (Hussain) yelled Papa, mujhe goli lagg gai (Papa, I have been shot),” Hussain’s uncle, Syed Hassan Raza Zaidi stated, portraying the young men last words.

Hussains guardians hurried their child to JPMC, however he had lost excessively blood when they achieved the doctor’s facility.

The Young Men Memorial Service supplications were offered at the Model Colony mosque and he was buried in the Model Colony burial ground.

Likewise, in a different advancement, police captured Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) pioneer Amanullah Mehsud for ethereal terminating. Mehsud was captured and a FIR enlisted at the Darakhshan police headquarters in Karachi.