A Jawan of the Border Security Forces was martyred and one civilian injured in another ceasefire violation by Pakistan, a fifth in six consecutive days.

Pakistan Rangers fought with heavy arms, throwing mortar bombs and automatic arms, and shelled the troops with lighter arms. The army has been retaliating with all its might and had already neutralized two of the opposing clad as on Friday.

Constable Brijendra Bahadur Singh was on duty on one of the nine posts in the international border of Arnia in J&K, when Pakistani troops Started unprovoked shelling, one which one bullet pierced the soldier’s chest. he succumbed to his injuries while he was being taken for treatment.

Later in the day, one civilian was hit with a bullet in his right leg and is undergoing treatment.

Instead of decreasing, such unprecedented violations by Pakistan have increased to 285 this year.

This month and the last saw in numerous such violations by the Pakistan army on the border, injuring soldiers on both the sides and some civilians of Jammu as the attacks were totally unprecedented.

People in villages Arnia and Poonch of Jammu have started moving to safer places since these attacks have grown, and many are now living in camps set up by the government for protection.