Sunrise brings with it beautiful winds as well as the songs of the birds, but Pulwama district of Southern Kashmir on Saturday woke up to the sound of gunshots.

In an unfortunate Saturday morning for the Jawans, 3 terrorists secretly entered the periphery of the district police complex in Pulwama and started firing randomly on the officials.

The Jawans on the spot were quick to respond. They first assured that the families of the police officers residing in the campus were safely taken out, and then fired back with all their might, killing all three terrorists in what happened to be a massive gunfight.

Sadly, in this process, 8 defending officers were martyred on the spot.

The terrorists had positioned themselves in all the three blocks of the police complex, and fired at the approaching troops.

The martyred soldiers included 4 CRPF Jawans, a soldier from the Kashmir Police, and three special officers working with the state police.

Two of the CRPF officials were killed as they were diffusing one of the improvised explosive devices planted by the terrorists.

As it is, Pakistan’s idea of defense is terrorism, and it showed its cowardliness once again.

The loss was great and rather unfortunate, and a sad day for the security forces according to director general of police S P Vaid, who is determined to wipe out militancy from the entire state.

Officials said the terrorists were rather suicide attackers.

Police blocked the entrance to the town, and suspended mobile internet services throughout the district as precautionary measures.