Nupur and Rajesh Talwar have been acquitted from Arushi murder case by Allahabad high court after it said there was not enough evidence on hand to hold the couple guilty. This order by the court on Thursday turned the 2013 verdict of the CBI court in Ghaziabad which had pronounced the Talwars guilty of the murder of their 13-year-old daughter Arushi Talwar in 2008, sentencing them to life imprisonment.

This had come after both the CBI teams constituted for the investigation in the case had little to offer to the court in favor of or against the couple. The Talwars had been convicted of their daughter’s murder based on the only evidence and witnesses the court had at the time.

The Arushi-Hemraj murder case has been one of the most complicated cases in CBI’s history and was also the subject of the critically acclaimed film Talwar.

The Talwars had filed a plea objecting to the CBI court’s verdict and had pleaded not guilty, blaming the CBI of “shoddy investigation”. The high court declared them free, giving them the ‘benefit of a doubt,’ adding further doubt to the already much-speculated case.

Arushi Talwar was brutally murdered in her bedroom in 2008, and the accused was initially speculated to be the family’s servant Hemraj who, however, was murdered two days later on the terrace of the same house. As there was no one in the house except Arushi’s parents in the house at the time of the murder, they were at the center of police and media attraction to be the accused in the case.

However, after 9 years of rumor and speculation, they have been finally acquitted of the murder, and now await homecoming, after serving four years of their life imprisonment at the Dasna jail in Ghaziabad.