At the point when 16-year-old Ubaid Shafi Malla got qualification in class 10 and 12, his folks saw a future specialist in him. Educational costs were masterminded in Srinagar, a studio loft booked, and the young person from Trenz Baba Khider, Shopian, was good to go for a brilliant future.

After two months, be that as it may, Ubaid (who handed 17 over March) figured in the Jammu and Kashmir police’s activists’ rundown. The Malla family, upper white collar class organic product merchants, discovered just when they saw a photo of him holding a weapon. They kept up that Ubaid was not driven by the absence of good life or intimidation.

Be that as it may, the police likewise neglected to bring up any trigger — not even included in stone pelting. “He was chastened by his dad and disappeared the following day,” is all that the police records say.

Ubaid had left home on February 23 to join Hizbul Mujahideen, an aggressor association that had turned into a clique after nearby kid from Tral, Burhan Wani developed as its officer around four years back.

Ubaid is one of a few Facebook warriors who has been motivated by Wani, who turned into the blurb kind of new-age militancy after he posted photos of him and 10 firearm toting adolescents via web-based networking media in June 2015. Wani was the primary Kashmiri aggressor who was unafraid of uncovering his personality and was credited with the surge of neighborhood militancy while alive, and even after his executing by security drives on July 8 a year ago.


300 WhatsApp bunches used to prepare stone-pelters stuck in an unfortunate situation hit Kashmir: Cop

The quantity of Kashmir’s Facebook warriors has swelled since Wani’s executing. They are all technically knowledgeable and make successful utilization of web-based social networking to spread themselves, as Wani did. After his demise, another photo developed. This time, the numbers had dramatically increased to 24, from the ten Wani postured with.

Wani’s passing is changing Kashmir’s ground reality. After the principal surge in 1989, when insurrection flourished, local people are at the end of the day dwarfing what the security foundation alludes to as ‘remote psychological militants’. As indicated by official figures, Ubaid, is among 29 adolescents who have joined activists this year. A year ago, the number was 88, as per a report tabled in Parliament, the most noteworthy in six years, and which has been developing since the Narendra Modi-drove BJP raged to control in 2014.

Aggressor numbers soar Burhan Wani’s murdering added to an effectively expanding pattern in enlistment

Presently, according to police records, there are 282 dynamic aggressors, 112 of whom are from south Kashmir. Upwards of 99 are neighborhood Kashmiris and the rest are suspected to have sneaked in from Pakistan.

Only somewhat in front of Ubaid’s town is Heff-Shirmal town, an aggressor hotbed and home to five dynamic activists, including Saddam Padder, classification An aggressor and area authority of Hizbul, and Waseem Shah, another classification An aggressor now with Lashkar-e-Taiba.


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Both, in their 20s and having more than Rs 10 lakh abundance on their heads, had shown up in the principal photo with Wani. Their families have diverse stories to tell on their joining the ultras. Saddam joined by conviction, Waseem by compulsion. “Saddam was a religious individual. Like different adolescents of his age, he couldn’t stand the mistreatment his kin (Kashmiris) are confronting,” says father Ghulam Mohuddin Padder.

A class 10 dropout, he helped his dad in the apple plantations, which gives a yearly turnover of Rs 10-15 lakhs, before waging war.

Waseem Shah was an outstanding all-rounder in cricket. As per his dad Ghulam Mohammad Shah, he was just 19 when his dearest companion Setha Parrey turned into an activist.

“The nearby police continually bugged him looking for data about Parrey. In urgency, he went and joined an outside aggressor Abu Hunzla, however I some way or another figured out how to get him back,” Shah said.

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Be that as it may, police annoyed him again and kept him for quite a long time without charges, constraining the kid to escape. Police records, be that as it may, say he was an over-ground laborer of aggressor affiliations.

Provocation likewise drove a 36-year-old PHE worker and father of two little girls, Bilal Mohammed to join activists in October 2016. Be that as it may, Jammu and Kashmir chief general of police (DGP), S P Vaid says police are making a decent attempt to prevent adolescents from joining activists.

We are taking a shot on all fronts. Those captured are directed. Numerous a times, we connect with groups of aggressors. On the off chance that we become more acquainted with some adolescent is joining aggressor gatherings, we attempt and insight them,” Vaid said.

Endeavors have demonstrated outcomes now and again, yet bombed in others.

As of late, an adolescent from Srinagar was given back to his family following his surrender, three days after he turned into an activist. Another adolescent from south Kashmir, an understudy in a school outside the state, additionally allegedly surrendered after his photographs at a killed aggressor’s burial service became a web sensation.

Be that as it may, surrender is impossible supported by most aggressors’ families. Saima, sister of Arif, a 13-year-old class 8 understudy who was the most youthful in the Valley to join aggressors (LeT) in August 2015, said she would not need her sibling to surrender. “Woh Allah ke raah mein hain. Woh kyun surrender karega? (He is going in the way appeared by Allah. Why will he surrender?” she inquires.

Homegrown Test

The new type of homegrown aggressors is unmistakably not the same as the solidified, very much prepared activists of the nineties who all crossed the outskirt into Pakistan for preparing. Ubaid and organization are given fundamental weapons-preparing in the thick wildernesses of South Kashmir and these Facebook warriors are no fix on the fidayeen who go too far of control to assault armed force camps every once in a while.


Not a solitary nearby Kashmiri activist has yet been included in a suicide operation yet they give the experts their own particular arrangement of difficulties fundamentally on the grounds that they have a considerable measure of agreeableness inside the profoundly distanced people. They are welcome in many homes and think that it’s simple to take the shield. Sabzar Bhat, one of Wani’s successors, who was killed a month ago was not a long way from home when he got caught in an experience.

The new type of activists – legend adored by the neighborhood populace – are driven by nearby issues, dissimilar to in the nineties when the increase to Pakistan was an essential objective. They are additionally made a request to mastermind their own weapons and funds, apparent from the expanding number of bank burglaries and weapon-snatchings. HT met a stone-pelter handed aggressor over May, who was captured while he attempted to grab a weapon from a CRPF official. He uncovered that the Hizbul Mujahideen managers had revealed to him he could join their positions after he acquired a weapon for himself. The way toward grabbing a weapon and in this manner violating the law guarantees the change from an activist sympathizer to the aggressor.

After Wani’s executing, the police thought that it was difficult to uncover cases implicating him in any genuine fear activity. However, Wani had let go the creative energy and turn into a good example for scores who keep on disappearing into the wildernesses, a year after his passing. Halting young men, who declare their entry into the aggressor overlay, by posturing with a firearm is the new genuine test.