Sayani Gupta, recent times Indian actress has strong beliefs regarding the ways the Indian Television scenario functions today. “Frankly, Indian TV is Sh*t right now.” These were the exact words Gupta used to express her unbiased and unclouded feelings about the television industry in India. Yes, it is a week industry but it is still catering to the 1.33 billion people of the nation. The times are changing rapidly though, people are resorting to web series, or shorts over the television, it is more accessible, the content it better.

Sayani Gupta says “I won’t work in anything that I, myself, won’t watch. I don’t have a problem with the medium as such. I have a problem with the content being shown on it, and that’s why I don’t see myself working for a TV show, as of now.” She is currently working in a web series titled, Inside Edge, she believes in the idea of developing a character. There is no stagnant part of a character’s life that doesn’t help shape the future version of the character, it is always changing and growing. We all grow up, we all change, fictional characters should do the same.


The problem in the Indian television is that they haven’t realised that the audience’s mindset has changed, people don’t like the “Saas-Bahu” fight sequences as much, the common “Ladki ki shaadi karao” is no longer considered to be an interesting topic, people have changed, the country has become slightly liberal in nature, we are trying to be. Watch any two Indian soaps, you will notice how similar the two shows are, there is probably just one difference in the concept of the two, there would be one twist that they would show you 200 episodes in. Sayani Gupta has not been offered a show that she would be willing to watch, and she has also said that the “medium” as such is not the problem, the fact that it lacks kick-ass content is the real problem.

My Opinion:

Being a girl from the 21st century, I have grown up around several different shows, having been raised in a fairly liberal set-up, my parents made sure to let me know what was right and what was wrong. We learnt to laugh together on the insane ideas that would be shown in the “saas-bahu” serials, my mother continues watching them but she is also growing out of it. The shows always get dragged to a point where people will automatically give up on the show and stop watching. I myself watch the TV very rarely, my phone and the computer screen is enough, all my TV I like are not Indian based, and web series and shorts are what people talk about and they always have a concept, something that will make your grey matter work for its survival. The industry needs to create some changes or else the “idiot box” will truly embrace its name as an “idiot box”.