A tomb of a royal goldsmith has been found by the archaeologists which contained the mummies of a woman and her two children as reported by the authorities. The tomb belongs to a period of 16th to 11th century BC which was at that time called the new kingdom. It is found near the Nile City of Luxor which is 700 km south of Cairo.
The things found inside the tomb includes a statue of the goldsmith Amenemhat with his wife sitting by his side. Well! It is still not clear that the three statues are related to each other or not. The Egypt‘s Ministry of Antiquities said that the mummies were found deep in a burial shaft which was away from the main chamber.
The archaeologist authorities say that out of the four bodies that were found in the tomb, the woman amongst them died at the age of 50 and the reason of her death being a bacterial bone disease. The other two, her sons were in their 20s and 30s when they died and their bodies have been preserved in good condition. The authorities also assume that the goldsmith belongs to the time when god Amun ruled the kingdom and the goldsmith worked for him.
“We found many objects of the funerary equipment inside and outside the tomb. We found mummies, coffins, funerary combs, funerary masks, some jewellery and statues.” Said the Minister of Antiquities,  Khaled al-Anani. He also that the work is not finished yet.
The officials said that they’ll continue their work in that area and will carry on the further evacuations so that they could find more of them in the season coming ahead.