The new law will allow a disqualified legislator to acquire the position of the head of a political party. The law has replaced the earlier law that said only those who are qualified enough to become member of the parliament will be eligible to hold the position of the head in a political party.

Working in favor of Nawaz Sharif, the new law will allow him to take up the position of the leader of PML-N party or Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz again on October 3.  Sharif was disqualified by the Supreme Court and was made up to give up the title of the party chief because of Panama Papers Scandal.

Electoral Reforms Bill was passed by upper house of the parliament on 22 September 2017 and it allowed any person except civil servants to take over a position in a political party. The bill will be presented on 2nd October 1, 2017 in National Assembly or the lower house. Since PML-N has the upper hand in the house, the passing of the bill is expected to be smooth according to Mushahidullah Khan, the Minister for Climate Change. The bill will become a law when it will be successfully passed by both the houses and the President approves it by his signature.

Once the bill becomes a law, Nawaz Sharif is expected to regain his position as the party leader of PML-N. According to Mushahidullah Khan, party’s constitution will be amended on October 2 in General Council of PML-N and the old law will be replaced by the new law and the execution of new bill will remove all the obstacles in his way to acquire the position. New presidents of both PML-N and Central Working Committee will be elected on October 3rd.

The bill will allow Sharif to control the party and through his selected prime minister and other ministers, he will be able to control other political areas of the country. However, he will not be eligible to become the prime minister.