On 30th November 2016, Supreme Court requested that all theaters ought to National Anthem before screening the film and everybody display in the corridor ought to face pay regard to the Anthem, while it is being played.While the National Anthem is being played, Indian Flag ought to be appeared on screens. It imparts the sentiment patriotism, particularly in the youthful minds. National Anthem is played day by day in schools as well. It to be sure expanded our feeling of solidarity and integrity.This move can show national song of praise to everybody. Like a coin has two sides, so is this situation. There are certain negative points against this move such as:

• Patriotism shouldn’t be constrained.

• There is no assurance that this move will impart the feeling of patriotism.

• There is no specify in the constitution that individuals ought to stand up while the national song of devotion is being played.

• Constraining nationals to love their nation looks like government.

• The expressions of Rabindranath Tagore – “I will never enable patriotism to triumph over mankind the length of I live.” stresses that patriotism shouldn’t be a commitment.

• Motion pictures have a place with stimulation field. What is the connection amongst amusement and patriotism?

• Why film industry is focused on? Why not some other industry?

There is no assurance that tuning in to National Anthem habitually will ingrain the feeling of patriotism. When something is constrained, we have a tendency to lose regard for it. Patriotism is something that ought to be felt with our entire existence, it shouldn’t be constrained.