We all know that France had its new President, Emmanuel Macron in May 2017. He had spent approximately 26,000 euro on his makeup which has left everyone on the social media to be in shook.

The French weekly news magazine “Le Point” claimed that this amount was spent by the president for getting himself a makeup fix. In response to this the president’s Elysee Palace told  France info that though the amount was high it was not as high as that of François Hollande and Sarkozy. They would be looking at a cheaper option in future said the Macron’s aides.

We have seen people using foundation to help combat harsh camera lights and flash bulbs and it is common for everyone but the president’s bill is something that is never seen and is not common at all. His story even proved to be not so common to social media and have been criticized too.

Macron’s new story is being trolled all over the social media and is appearing in memes with the caption such as “ToutanMacron” in reference with the Egyptian Pharaoh. And then we see his photos being photoshopped with lots and lots of makeup edits making him appear to be looking like a lady. Everyone is in a fix that how can anyone spend so much on just makeup and then make a comment comparing it to other country’s irrational expenses.

This has gone viral over social media and no one is leaving any chance to hit him with utmost pun and sarcasm. Some are criticizing him for is irrelevant and not so acceptable expenses just over his looks and neither for the betterment of people nor for the country.