Heavy rain in the northern and north eastern parts of the India subcontinent has affected nearly one crore lives. With hundreds of people getting displaced and many lives lost the 2017 monsoon came as a sorrow rain for many. Neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh have also been affected.

Till date, the recorded number of deaths in Nepal has gone upto 110 followed by hundreds of villages getting destroyed. The government is facing heat for lack of response to the current situation.

Home minister spokesman Ram Krishna Subedi has released a statement saying, the relief supplies were being mobilized as soon as possible. Mean while security forces rescued the survivors from rooftops and food was distributed via helicopter to the worst hit districts. Elephants are being used as an emergency rescue in some regions of Nepal.

The delta country Bangladesh has been affected badly leaving a third of country flooded. There has been 27 reported deaths and around 600,000 marooned.


In India the northern states have been hit badly flooding around13 districts and the state of Bihar, this has lead to 41 deaths. Relief measures have been taken through boats and helicopters, distribution of food and water and setting up of around 250 relief camps in school and government buildings.

There has been reported landslide that sweeping two buses leading to 46 deaths in Himachal Pradesh. Emergency workers have been deployed in the region.

Assam has also been affected by flood leading to 21 deaths, the rescue team has been working on rescuing those marooned on rooftops. The natural disaster also lead to the death of 225 animal deaths in Assam. The rain caused 70% of the Kaziranga National park to submerge leading to 105 animals died in the first wave and total of 225 deaths during the second wave.

The flood has destroyed villages, damaged houses, damaged roads and also washed away bridges. Rail and road connectivity has snapped leaving the northeast states cut off from the main land. Train services have been affected where  Guwahati Express’s journey ends in Patna itself. Presently 28 National Disaster Response Force team has been deployed in the affected areas with 118 boats. Food and relief packages have been air dropped in affected regions. There are other states and army forces working on relief and rescue mission in the affected regions.