Assembly Election of Meghalaya which lies in the northeast is dominated by tribal groups and have 55 constituencies reserved for Scheduled Tribes out of 60. State in which no party has formed the government with an absolute majority from 1976, however, Congress has managed to form the coalition government.

Meghalaya Assembly Election where 75 % Voters turned out on 27th February 2018. As per the update by Election Commission of India for Meghalaya Assembly elections for 59 constituencies.

Indian National Congress won 21 seats with 28.5 % vote share

Bhartiya Janata Party won 2 seats with 10.1 % vote share

National People’s Party won 19 seats with 20.6 % vote share

United Democratic Party won 6 seats with 11.6 % vote share

People’s Democratic Front won by 4 seats with 8.2 % vote share

Meghalaya Political Scenario

But Congress will have to face a huge challenge in the formation of government in Meghalaya despite being the
single largest party as they got 21 out of 30, minimum of 9 seats away from the clear-cut mandate. And Bjp there winning 2 seats is in the role of kingmaker and are ready to eat the cream of the political situation of Meghalaya as there is the scene of hung assembly and none of the political party gets the majority to claim for the government, Bjp has an upper hand in this situation due to political formation of N.E.D.A- North East Democratic Alliance was formed by BJP on 24th of may 2016 led by Amit Shah. Basically, it is the alliance of regional political party with BJP to stop the Congress from ruling the state.

The main interest of this political organisation is to protect the interest of the region as well unite non-congress political party. As you can now see the scenario of the Meghalaya verdict 2018

BJP-2 seats
NPP-19 seats
UDP-6 and
PDF-4 seats

These all are the regional political party which has the alliance with BJP somehow whether through NEDA or
Loksabha alliance. Its easy for BJP to form the government in Meghalaya compare to Congress being the single largest political party.

Congress has asked their Senior leaders Kamal Nath and Ahmad Patel to go to Shillong and avoid any situation like goa assembly and form the government.