Meerut : A 5 year old child in Up , whose mother died two months ago, has offered the contents of her piggy bank, to solve the case of her mother as soon as possible. According to child ,Manvi’s mother, Seema Kaushik killed herself in April alleging harassment by husband and his relatives harassed her, initially for dowry. She decided to give her piggy bank when Cops demanded bribe to prepare chargesheet, says woman’s family. She told to one news reporter that She told the police officer that she had heard that unless she paid a bribe, her mother’s case would remain unresolved.

The officer told Manvi her complaint would be urgently addressed and returned her offering.

According to Seems Kausik Family ,the bridefamily  reportedly framed her with two fake police cases that were rejected by a local court. The couple had separated four years ago and Ms Kaushik’s complaints to the police of mental harassment and threats were allegedly ignored. Fed up of all these things , she killed herself, according to her family.

Seems husband has been arrested, but Ms Kaushik’s family claims that the police asked them for a bribe to prepare the chargesheet which is needed in court to initiate action.

Meerut : As Manvi was leaving the police station, she dropped her piggy bank and burst into tears.


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