Lucknow: BSP supremo Mayawati on Thursday defended her party’s “cleaning and renovation work” at some memorials of party founder Kanshi Ram in Lucknow, saying people do not like the worsening conditions of statues at public places for the want of proper upkeep.

The BSP president Mayawati took to Twitter to defend her party’s work in the wake of some media reports that she was getting installed her new statues at Lucknow Prerna Kendras, that she built up during her regime as Kanshi Ram’s memorials in which she had also installed her statues, besides those of her political mentor.

“It is well known that statues installed in the governmental, non-governmental and public places are not cleaned, repaired and renovated regularly due to which their condition deteriorates, and it is not liked by people,” she said in a tweet.

“It is also well known that the BSP has always been paying special attention to the upkeep of statues, water fountains etc, built during its government not only in public places but also at private nes places in houses,” she said in another tweet.

“A section of media, however, is wrongly depicting the BSP’s ongoing work at the private and non-government Prerna Kendra in Lucknow. They must bring some change in their casteist mentality. It would be better,” she said in her third tweet.

Source : PTI