We have seen thieves breaking in the house but we had a bear breaking into a house in Canada. A Canadian man had to punch that bear on the nose to get him out of the house after it followed a toddler in his home in Columbia.

Froude (toddler’s mother) was home with her 2 kids when heard her 2 year old kid yelling from outside- “Mom look”. When she turned back she saw a black bear standing just 2 feet away from her kid. She locked herself and her kids in a room meanwhile a family friend tried to distract the bear and lead him out of the home. He banged pots and chased the bear with the chair.

“I first laid my eyes on the bear when it was actually in my house, almost two feet away behind my toddler”-Ms Froude told CTV news.

“I thought, oh my god, what am I going to do now? That was my friend turned around and said to get the kids and get them in the bedroom.”

The bear lurked around the halls and dining room ruining many things said the Sunshine Coast Royal Canadian Police in a news release.

Froude says that she had a small encounter with the bear when it was standing in the house’s doorway just before her friend punched the bear which made the bear to get out of the house. Then, the police came who scared the bear away by throwing bottles and by blowing air horns. But, then also the bear kept coming back and even tried to get into the garage of the house. The violent bear then tried to attack a man in the near locality who managed to escape by getting into his vehicle.

As this bear was proving to be a threat to the lives of people living nearby, the police decided to kill the bear for the better of the people.

British Columbia has one of the largest population of black bears in the world, with between 1,20,000 and 1,50,000 black bears in the province near the residential area, around 1,000 are killed each year as they posses threat to the humanity.