Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday communicated stun over a “draconian capture provision” in the GST rules, which can prompt badgering of business, especially the little and medium-scale, with some non-bailable segments, as well.

In a Facebook post, she stated, “I might want to call attention to that under the present VAT administration, the field authorities of the State don’t have the ability to capture. On the off chance that they feel that there is a genuine expense offense, at that point they should document a FIR and seek after the due procedure of law. Be that as it may, on account of GST, the Inspectors will have the ability to capture on 4 distinct sorts of offenses which can bring about prison from 1 year upto 5 years.”


“West Bengal contradicted this capture condition in the GST Council yet the Government of India did not pay any notice. For the Truth to be told, for the sake of GST, they have veered off in numerous regions from the first purpose,” Mamata said.

“Given the air in the nation of perniciously focusing on any individual who sets out to differ with the Central Government, I am profoundly worried that the capture provision in GST may well be utilized to target business pioneers who raise their voice of dispute on any strategy matter or any practices. I am apprehensive, from the midnight of today; will obscurity pose a potential threat in the lives of business visionaries and ordinary citizens?” she said.

While asserting that the joke of Inspector Raj is back, the Chief Minister commented, “At the stroke of midnight on fourteenth August, 1947, India won her opportunity. Presently, at the midnight of 30th June, 2017, flexibility and vote based system remain to confront grave risk.”