In Thursday’s Barcelona attack, the main suspect, who was later confirmed of driving the car made his escape on foot to the outskirts of the city from where he hijacked a car and ran away, reported the Spanish police.

The Spanish news says that he is 22 years old and his name is Abouyaaqoub. His attack there has left many injured and costed 13 people their lives.

CCTV footage showed him walking around the market just after the attack. Police have released this footage and have extended a manhunt throughout the Europe for this man as he may be armed with dangerous weapons.

Police says that he may have crossed into France with his hijacked car which he later abandoned.

The male driver Pau Perez, 34, of the car which Abouyaqoub hijacked, was found stabbed to death in the back seat of his car hence becoming the 15th victim of the Barcelona attack.

At Cambrils, a woman died when the car ran over pedestrians and the five suspected jihadists were killed at the scene itself.

All the 15 victims who lost their lives have now been identified and even their families have confirmed that.

French media have claimed that they have caught on tape the speeding car which was responsible for the attack in Cambrils on their speed cameras, the previous week. But there is no confirmed link established between the group of attackers in Spain and the car appearance.

Islamic states (IS) has said that it had carried the attacks at Las Ramblas and Cambrils but still there is no confirmed that the group was directly connected to it or the group was simply inspired by it.