After blast at the Parson Green station the London police were on manhunt and were trying to find, who was the mastermind behind this bomb blast. The reported injured people were 22 which later went up to 30. The bomb exploded at a peak hour when the station was full of hustle-bustle.

First a 21 year-old man was arrested in the suburb of Hounslow in London’s west just before the mind night of the local time, said the Metropolitan police force. He was stained under the British’s Terrorism Act and from there he was taken to a south London police station. Though, he has still not been charged and identified said the sources.

Later, the police arrested an 18 year-old-man on early Saturday of the local time, in the city of Dover which is the main Ferry link to France. The police officials raided and searched a building in Sunbury which is a small town outside London. Hounslow is just six kilometers away from Sunbury. The people in the neighborhood where ordered to evacuate the place immediately and the evacuation lasted for about 10 hours. Officials have put a 100 meter cordon around the building. The police said that the evacuation was done just as a precautionary measure.

The CCTV images are being revised again and again to not to miss any possible lead they can get for taking investigation further.

The officials say that the homemade bomb was made keeping in mind to injure and hurt thousands of people at once. If the device would have exploded properly and with its full intensity then it would have probably even have killed many people. The train was full of people who were going to their workplace and even the school going children. The Islamic State Group has claimed one of its units planted the bomb on the train.

Britain’s terror threat level is at its critical state i.e at its highest level and the officials believe that there can be more attacks in future.

The Parsons Green tube station was reopened which brought some normalcy in the London’s transportation network.