No less than six individuals have been killed in the UK capital after a van rammed into pedestrians on London Bridge and attackers continued stabbing spree in the close-by Borough Market range before being shot dead by police.

Another 48 individuals were additionally wounded in the attack late on Saturday, which happened in a bustling zone with numerous restaurants and bars.

“Equipped reaction officers then reacted rapidly and courageously and went up against the three male speculates who were shot and killed on Borough Market,” Mark Rowley, Britain’s top hostile to terrorism officer, said.

“Unfortunately, six people have died in addition to the three attackers shot by police,” he included.

The suspects were wearing what had all the earmarks of being suicide vests; however police said they were later settled to be fake, there was no prompt claim of duty.

Reporters, revealing from London, said witnesses saw “a white van smash into pedestrians hitting a few people before stopping”.

“Another witness said three men got out with long cutting edges and arbitrarily began stabbing individuals along Borough High Street. Different witnesses have likewise specified seeing blade casualties,” he said.

Police said in an announcement that officers “reacted to reports of a vehicle in impact with pedestrians on London Bridge” and after that “to reports of stabbings in Borough Market”.

“Equipped officers reacted and shots have been fired,” the proclamation said.

Police led a third event – a stabbing in London’s Vauxhall territory at first idea to be connected to the next two scenes – to be inconsequential.

One of the men associated with being included in the attack was appeared in a photo lying on the ground with canisters strapped to his body after he was shot by the police.

The conceivable attacker was appeared on the ground outside the Wheatsheaf bar in Borough Market close London Bridge.

Another man was seen lying on the ground a short separation away in the photo.

“There is massive police presence, crisis managements are everywhere,” said reporters from the scene.

Metropolitan police tweeted a photograph advising Londoners to “run, hide, tell”.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan portrayed the events as a “consider and fearful attack on innocent Londoners”.

“Some were harmed around 50 meters behind the van; some were harmed around 10 meters from where the van halted.”

Prime Minister Theresa May’s office said she was “in contact with authorities and is in effect routinely updated on the incidence at London Bridge”.

May’s office said she would seat a meeting of the administration’s COBRA crisis council on Sunday.

Max Abrahms, a collaborator political science educator at Northeastern University, told Al Jazeera it was “clear we are managing an organized attack in two near to areas, in extremely open territories”.

London’s vehicle expert said London Bridge rail station had been shut at the demand of the police.

Three notable London hospitals were put on lockdown not long after the attack.

“Because of the continuous occurrence in focal London, Guy’s, St Thomas’ and Evelina London are on lockdown to keep patients, relatives and staff safe,” the expert that runs the clinics said on Twitter.

The attack came days in front of a June 8 general election, just about two weeks after 22 individuals were killed in a bombing at a show in Manchester.

In March, an attacker kept running down individuals with a vehicle on Westminster Bridge, murdering four proceeding stabbing a policeman to death outside Parliament.

World pioneers rapidly took to online networking to offer their support to the general population of London.

“Confronted with this news tragedy France is currently like never before supporting the UK. My contemplations are with the casualties and their friends and family,” tweeted French President Emmanuel Macron.

Australia’s outside minister portrayed the occurrences as a “shocking”.

US President Donald Trump likewise tweeted regarding the London attacks: “We are with you. God Bless”.

He swore bolster for the UK, additionally utilized attacks to contend for his controversial travel ban.