After all the drama in Karnataka election finally, the picture became quite clear after the floor test on 19th of may.

BJP was supposed to prove majority but Yeddyurappa resigned from the Chief Minister post just before the floor test after being in power for merely 56 hours.

On the other hand, where Congress emerged as the second party and JD(S) led by Kumaraswamy came as the third largest party in terms of the seat in Karnataka joined hand to form the government.

Even without having the numbers to form the government, BJP was desperate to come into power and were assisted by the governor when he called Yeddyurappa to prove the majority and gave him shocking 15 days to prove it. However, the decision of governor was challenged by Congress in the apex court and the verdict came in there favor.

So after long wait HD Kumaraswamy will take oath as a Chief Minister of Karnataka today. While Congress G. Parameshwara will be the deputy CM. Out of total 34 ministers, 22 will be of Congress and 12 ministers, including CM, will be of JD(S). Speaker and Deputy Speaker will be elected on 25th May.

Most of the opposition leaders will attend the Oath taking ceremony today.