Karol Bagh to China: How a Delhi pack “resuscitated” stolen iPhones, sold them as new


In the event that you have a merchant offering a fresh out of the box new iPhone at a large portion of the cost, don’t fall for the trap. Delhi Police’s Crime Branch has captured four people who supposedly conned a few clueless purchasers by offering them old stolen cell phones that were passed them off as new in the wake of changing the motherboard and IMEI numbers.

The men tricked individuals as well as Apple benefit focuses as they prevailing with regards to passing the stolen telephones as authentic and got them traded for new telephones under the guarantee plot. With the capture the police have recouped 409 I telephones, 18 I cushions, 250 front showcases of iPhones alongside different frill.

The police got a data about the men running an illicit Apple iPhone workshop at Mal Colony, Filmistan territory in north Delhi and an Apple iPhone Store at Gaffar Market, Karol Bagh, where they supposedly revamped old Apple iPhones.

As indicated by the police, Muneer Khan, Anash Khan, Mohammad Hamza Khan and Mohammad Ibrahim imported motherboards of iPhones from China alongside new legitimate IMEI numbers that they at that point embellished on plates of old telephones. They at that point bundled those telephones and sold them as new telephone with alluring rebates on the web or at shops in Karol Bagh.

“Subsequent to accepting a supply of stolen telephones, the men in the workshop used to consume the IMEI of those telephones. They at that point secured motherboards of old cell phones from China. When they got the motherboards, they would emblazon a substantial IMEI number and bundle it pleasantly available to be purchased. For a few telephones they used to approach the Apple iPhone benefit focuses and gripe of a deformity in the gadget. With conspiracy of the staff at the middle they would then trade the stolen telephones for new gadgets. They were tricking clients as well as the organization,” joint magistrate of police, wrongdoing, Praveer Ranjan said.

The police official said the wrongdoing branch was observing sure data sources with respect to change of IMEI of stolen cell phone, when they were given a tip off about a group running an unlawful Apple iPhone workshop at Filmistan and a store at Gaffar Market in Karol Bagh. “We led a strike at the workshop and found various new and old Apple iPhones, two portable PCs, PC save parts and machine. We discovered Muneer Khan getting Apple iPhone amassed with the assistance of two young men and he was promptly seized. A pack with 12 distinct models of apple iPhones were recuperated,” DCP Crime, Bhisham Singh said.

Amid addressing, Muneer Khan uncovered that he had bought some cell phones from China and some of them were stolen, the police said. “He uncovered that a laser machine was utilized to change IMEI of stolen cell phones. While he stole a few telephones, others were swapped for new telephones in conspiracy with staff of Apple iPhone benefit focuses. In the wake of pressing in new copy boxes with top notch frill, they were offering these cell phones in showcase as new ones without charge,” Singh said.


The charged got stolen cell phones from different sources. In their workshop, such telephones were given the name of “flight”. Subsequent to accepting the telephones, the guilty parties used to toss the SIM plate and show was expelled. At the second stage, the motherboard of telephone containing inbuilt IMEI was evacuated and taken to China for annihilation of confirmation.

After the IMEI was scorched, they imported new motherboards and legitimate IMEI numbers from China.

The blamed utilized “Wechat” App to get such IMEIs from China, which were under guarantee and could be supplanted from Apple Care Centers.

Once got the instrument was again amassed. The new SIM plate was then put and the new IMEI number was decorated utilizing laser.

The captured men told the police that they have an immense market in Hong Kong of old iPhones under guarantee. These telephones come to China, and from China the denounced people import these telephones to India. From that point they get them supplanted in conspiracy with Apple Store workers with new telephones.

These new Apple iPhones are pressed in copy boxes. Stickers, that are imprinted in their workshop demonstrating new IMEI are glued on the copy boxes. After entire pressing these telephones are sold on the web and at Gaffar advertise, Karol bagh.

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