Jordan’s King Abdullah met Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the Israeli-involved West Bank on Monday without precedent for a long time to examine pressures at a Jerusalem sacred site and more extensive political advancements. Since December 2012, Abdullah has not me Ramallah.
The king went by the helicopter to visit the tension sites with the Israeli authorities, as they control all the points of entry and exits. He visit their after two weeks, since Israel installed metal detectors at the entrance if masjid al aqsa, this also led to the killing of two Israeli policemen.
At that point of time, due to security changes, led to the clashes, protests between Palestinians and Israeli. After lots of aggression the Jordan decided to remove those metal detectors and other barriers.
“We discussed all issues of mutual interest and we agreed to form a crisis committee that will continue contacts to evaluate what has happened, the lessons to be learned and the challenges we may face at Al Aqsa mosque,” Palestinian foreign minister Reyad Al-Maliki told reporters after the meeting.
With a vast level of Jordan’s populace comprised of Palestinians, and Jordan imparting an outskirt to the West Bank, which the Palestinians need for their own state together with East Jerusalem and Gaza, its position is delicate.
Abdullah is additionally assuming a part in liaising with Egypt and others to check whether long-standing contrasts between Abbas’ Western-sponsored Fatah party and the adversary Hamas Islamist development can be settled and Maliki said the issue was examined.

Hamas, which won the last parliamentary decisions held in the Palestinian domains in 2005, seized full control of Gaza after a battle with Fatah in 2007.

In the course of recent months, Abbas, as leader of the Palestinian Authority, has ventured up weight on Hamas, cutting off compensations for government employees in Gaza, constraining installments for power imports and a few drugs.

The point seems, by all accounts, to be to remove Hamas from control, however there is minimal indication of that occurrence and endeavors are being made by provincial forces to determine the inward battling.