Hurricane Irma made a landfall on Friday night in the northern region of Cuba and then moved towards Florida. It was expected to hit there late Saturday night. It is believed that the wind speed will be sufficient enough to snap trees and poles and it can even take along the roofs of the buildings. The Governor of Florida, Rick Scott said that the lower half of Florida can face life threatening storms on Saturday morning. The National Hurricane Center warned “life threatening suges ans winds” as the storms outer bands were hitting the parts of Florida on Saturday morning.

Irma, which fell as a category 5 hurricane, with wind speed of up to 160 kilometer per hour, made its fall on Camaguey Archipelago of Cuba have already caused flooding conditions in northeast part of Cuba on Friday. As far as it is reported 20 people were said to be dead who were said to be the residents of Barbuda and St. Martin. Hurricane Irma did a lot of damage to the islands and people were even out of the losses when they had to start preparing for another Hurricane named Jose, which is said to hit the islands in the next few days.

Governor Scott stated “way bigger than the Andrew” pointing out that the hurricane should not be taken lightly as it can be worse than the worst hurricane the state suffered in 1992. He also said “If you have been asked to evacuate, you need to leave now. Not tonight, not in an hour, now.” He said these words in a Conference on Friday evening. On Friday, Governor Kay Ivey of Alabama issued a full state of emergency in an effort to better prepare the state for Irma and protect people from losing their lives.

As Irma proved to be destructive in the areas it landed upon causing a major destruction the areas. People reported that they could even hear the debris flying around and crashing into buildings from a far place. The eye of Irma was expected to move just north of Cuba and to the center of Bahamas. It was predicted that Irma will dumb 10 to 15 inches of rain in the northern part of Cuba which could be up to 20 inches in some areas.

Irma is the most powerful and strongest hurricane that was ever recorded in the Atlantic ocean and it is most of the forceful storm to hit the Atlantic Basin in the past 82 years said by The National Hurricane Center.

As people prepared themselves and equipped themselves with all the necessities the Governor of Cuba asked the people to open their stores till late and said the police officials to escort the employees to their homes safely at night. He also asked the employers to cooperate with the employees as they all can prepare themselves for the upcoming storm.

People need to prepare themselves not only with the basic requirements but also mentally to face the problem that is going to hit them in the near future. They all have to work together and make through it with least possible loss.