The new sanctions against Iran by the US are damaging already frayed Tehran-washington ties, And violet then 2015 nuclear Pact, foreign minister Mohammed Javed has said. Zarif’s statement came after the US on Tuesday imposed new sanctions against Iran-Goverment, after Washington said was complying with the 2015 Nuclear deal signed with 6 other Nations. The administration of US President Donald Trump said it was imposing new economic sanctions against Iran over the Islamic Republic’s ballistic missile programme, fresh TV reported ” it violates the spirit of the deal. we will See whether it violates the letter of the deal and we will act will act accordingly,” said Zarif.  Zarif said the US trying to” poison the international atmosphere“.

With the fresh sanctions. Iranmember and the five permanent members security Council the US, breathe france, China russia as well as Germany find the joint comprehensive plan of the action in July 2015, under which limits report on iran’s nuclear activities in exchange of the removal of sanctions. Sharif said that instead of sanctions countries which support terrorism in the Middle East, Trump continuous to insist the nuclear pact is a bad deal.