Indian Army has at long last gotten its first group of current ballistic helmets that can withstand projectile effect from short range. The conveyance comes two decades after the Army started the securing for lightweight headgear. Indian Army to accept ladies in battle parts soon, following CRPF and IAF achievement Kanpur-based Madurai Kamaraj University (MKU) Limited, which was granted an agreement worth Rs 180 crore to supply about 1.6 lakh caps, conveyed the main tranche not long ago, as indicated by an Economic Times report. MKU, it might be noted, supplies insurance and observation scope of gear and arrangements, including ballistic protective caps to the UN and NATO.

The head protectors are intended to withstand the effect of a 9-mm ammo terminated from a short range, which meets the worldwide standard for assurance among driving military. These impenetrable protective caps are fixed with Kevlar, a para-aramid engineered fibre, and are agreeable to wear. The caps are apparently intended to give all-round insurance from head wounds, rather than ones the warriors have been utilizing up until now, which secure just the temple and back of the head. They are additionally substantial, weighing more than 2.5 kg. “Head is the most respected piece of the body to get harmed in a battle operation. As per considers, 26-28 percent of warriors bite the dust as a result of head wounds,” MKU Managing Director Neeraj Gupta was cited by ET as saying. “Notwithstanding the current 1.6 lakh arrange, we want to convey more than 7 lakh head protectors to Indian Army and general 10 lakh caps to various Indian military,” included Gupta. The Kanpur-based organization is presently fabricating around 44,000 night-vision gadgets and projectile confirmation coats.