Setting the agenda of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initial meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump by the end of this week, India on Thursday raised the issue of proceeded with American military assistance to Pakistan and looked for a conclusion to cross-border terrorism. Talking at the weekly press briefing, Official Spokesperson Gopal Baglay called attention to that Pakistan diverts U.S. military aid to target India, even as India’s Permanent Representative Syed Akbaruddin told the U.N. Security Council to manage the “adversary” that gives “safe haven” to terrorists who target Afghanistan.

“U.S. officials know about our view which basically is that the military aid (to Pakistan) is occupied for use against us. The relationship amongst Pakistan and the U.S. is a relationship between two sovereign countries yet we have conveyed our worries in regards to military assistance to Pakistan,” said the Official Spokesperson of MEA Gopal Baglay who additionally clarified that problems with Pakistan remain a bilateral issue without the likelihood of a third-party intercession.

Prior, Syed Akbaruddin in a statement at the U.N. Security Council implied at Pakistan and called for pressing activity to stop the present rush of viciousness in Afghanistan. “Plainly, the international community is managing in Afghanistan with an adversary who is not loath to glaringly violating international helpful and human rights law… where are these against government components getting their weapons, explosives, training and funding from? Where do they discover safe havens and sanctuaries? How is it that these components have confronted one of the biggest aggregate military endeavours,” said Mr Akbaruddin.

The emphatic statement went ahead to call attention to that the UNSC has regularly neglected to censure terror episodes in Afghanistan, which was resounded along these lines by Afghan officials.

The U.S. has likewise cleared the offer of 22 drones to India, government sources said on Thursday, an arrangement being named as a “game changer” in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit here for his meeting with President Donald Trump. The arrangement is assessed at $3 billion.