The prime minister of Bangladesh- Sheikh Hasina’s visit to New Delhi is likely to create a stronger bond among the two countries. Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi, inspite of heavy traffic in Delhi, went to receive Bangladesh prime minister as to great her with a warm welcome. This is Hasina’s first standalone visit in the past seven years and her last bilateral visit to India was in the year 2010.India looks forward to lend strategic depth to its ties with Bangladesh with a civil nuclear cooperation pact and an agreement on defence cooperation during the four day visit of Bangladesh prime minister sheikh Hasina to India beginning from Friday.

India has offered to extend $500 million to Bangladesh for military hardware purchases which can be called as an outcome of the purchase Bangladesh made from India’s strategic rival china during the month of December and the purchase included two submarines.  It is also expected from India that it will announce a fresh line of credit worth $5 billion for infrastructure development, including railways, roads and waterways. Number of agreements have taken place and are about to take place within few days including that on civil nuclear energy that will provide for extensive cooperation including setting up nuclear reactors in Bangladesh by India and this nuclear pact will cover all aspects of generation of civil nuclear energy, cooperation in putting up nuclear plants, issues relating to safety and security.

The two prime ministers also talked about launching a service of bus and trains between India and Bangladesh. A pact on the sharing of the water of the river Teesta that is a much awaited pact is also expected to be signed during this visit. Hasina during her visit will hold wide ranging talks with Narendra Modi and further she looks to call on President Pranav Mukherjee and opposition leader Sonia Gandhi. She will also meet Indian business leaders on Monday. The visit is considered to be a very special one because it might result the ties of two countries to a new level.