15th August 1947, Pandit  Jawaharlal Nehru proudly raised the tri colour flag of India at Red Fort, Delhi. India was finally free from the British rule. Every year after 1947 Indians all round the world remember this day and rise for the national anthem when the Prime Minister raises the flag in the Red Fort.

This year too it was celebrated widely, “Eastsons good work” an Ngo in Noida sector 10 proudly celebrated the day organizing an event for the children in the slum.  The organization has been working for the past one year in educating the children, providing healthcare facilities and other assistance. Most of the children here either cannot afford education or due to various circumstances cannot go to a regular school. Eastsons good work has provided these children hope for a better future.

71 years after independence there are still 65 million slums in India, there is still exist  high rate of poverty and deaths due to lack of treatment.

Today there was an environment of celebration there. The children participated actively in dance, singing and the talents there were over whelming. Many children had brought their parents along with them, they looked proud of their children.

In the end of the event the children were given gift prizes and certificates for their stage performances, class performances and so on. These children however young had a vision for future, when asked some said doctor, artist, actor and the list goes on. These talents if given chance and nurtured will bloom someday.

Sector 10 is one of the biggest slums in Noida, the people there face various problems, there are issues regarding child being abandoned by parents due to poverty, sickness being untreated or delayed due low wage and it goes on. Eastsons good work has been working in sector 10 to help these children develop and not be an outcome of their environment.

Various issues like human rights, child education, women’s rights and child labour are important spheres which cannot be dealt alone by the government, especially in these societies because they are sensitive matters. NGO’s become a medium for them to connect to the government and to make a difference in the coming future.