At the most needed hour of an action that needs to be taken against the so called “Cow-vigilantes” who kill the innocent public in the name of protection of Cows, the Prime Minister of India, spoke up in the most recent monsoon session of the Parliament, and made strict remarks of taking “Stern Actions” against these fraudulent ‘Gau Bhakts’ urging the states to look into this matter with necessary concern.

Law is above all and this is a core foundational moral law of this country. No one can bypass the Law, and when that is done, the other supporting laws will be put against the offender, and he will be punished with the degree of a crime he commits. This is what Narendra Modi pressurized on, said: “No one can take the law in his hands, will be punished severely.”


Narendra Modi expressed massive concern for the near 80 lives that were lost in the flood that hit around 58 Districts in the North Eastern and Eastern parts of India. But throughout his speech he put his focus on the ‘Cow Vigilantes’ who are fraudulent and spread communal violence to achieve political favors, and thereby, the country is left at a loss of any benefit that it could rather have achieved, and the by product is ‘A farcical Development.’

These are those ills of the society that are creating communal riots and spreading hate against the food preference of the general public in choosing beef, and inflicting heinous crimes on people with the name of ‘saving cows,’ is against the very basic motto that our country works on: ‘SECULARITY.’

Quite in the last month, our country witnessed one among the many Lynching stories that affect our society and makes it even more primitive than it was in the earlier times: The case of a Muslim Boy with the name of Junaid, who was lynched in a train.


Not just these, but many other lynching cases have been seen in the last three months:

April 30: Two men were lynched by a crowd in Nagaon region of focal Assam on doubt of being bovine hoodlums.

April 22: Five to six individuals supposedly having a place with the every living creature’s common sense entitlement gathering, People for Animals, halted a truck in Delhi’s Kalkaji zone and beat up the tenants severely on the doubt of being steers runners.

April 21: Cow vigilantes assaulted a group of five, including a nine-year-old, in Reasi region in Jammu and Kashmir.

April 1: A Muslim man named Pehlu Khan, 55, was lynched by a crowd of around 15 cow vigilantes for supposedly transporting Cows in Alwar, Rajasthan.

June 24th: A Muslim kid has additionally been professedly cut to death when a contention over a seat inside of a train transformed into religious slurs and set off a crowd assault on relatives returning home from Eid’s shopping.

In attention to these, PM Narendra Modi asked for strictness to be shown on the land of Democracy, against these ills which have corrupted the name of politics. Also, the Parliament session saw a great deal of dignity given to all the members and no such chaos was said to have occurred that day, which is again on a plus scenario for a better sophistication that is getting established in Indian Politics, quite gradually.