At IIT Kharagpur, Pichai answered questions from students at an open-air theatre in the campus. The Google CEO discussed his life on campus in an event titled ‘A journey back to the past to inspire the future’. The event, which was attended by over 3,500 students, was streamed live by Google on YouTube.

Full Video of CEO Sundar Pichai at IIT Kharagpur

Pichai started off by talking about his days at the campus. He even agreed to the fact that he bunked a few classes while he was doing his B.Tech course, calling it a ‘right of passage’. “I came to IIT from Chennai and I hadn’t used a lot of Hindi. In my first year of college, I went to the mess and started calling people ‘Abey saaley’, and the mess had to be closed temporarily,” said Pichai laughing. He also mentioned about his wife Anjali, who he met at IIT itself, and how he had to visit the girls hostel to see her.

(The main interview starts at 25th minutes)