Meira Kumar, the Congress-drove Opposition’s Presidential hope on Saturday said that the choice was taken by 17 noteworthy restriction parties consistently. Including a similar note, she went ahead to state that solidarity in Opposition, in regard to her, depends on firm ideological position. She marked the president battle as shameful as it is being viewed as “Dalit versus Dalit” battel. “At the point when Kovind Ji (NDAs Presidential hopeful) and I were assigned, it progressed toward becoming rank issue. Shocking that Presidential Election has been transformed into Dalit versus Dalit,” included Meira Kumar.

The presidential race will begin on July 17 and counting will start on July 20. The 72-year-old Meira Kumar started her Presidential battle on Friday from Gujarat. In Ahmedabad, she met party MLAs, MPs at Congress base camp and recalled her late father who route in 1969 established the framework to the triumph of Presidential hopeful VV Giri, announced Indian Express. She began her crusade from  Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad by helping individuals that belief system to remember Congress party is roused by Mahatma Gandhi.

Other than recollecting the father of the country, Meira,  the local of Patna, even recalled Sardar Patel, who in the 1940s, was her neighbor. While tending to the media and individuals there, Meira was vexed that race to end up plainly the President of the country is being viewed as a battle of Dalit versus Dalit. ” The race for turning into the following leader of the country amongst me and Mr. Kovind is being viewed as a station battle which is wrong. Whatever we have accomplished is being neglected,” expressed Meira. On Saturday, in Bengaluru, according to The Hindu, she subdued “substitute” comments by naming the battle of turning into the primary national of the nation as the battle of philosophies. ” I am a warrior and will battle this decision with full trustworthiness,” included Meira.