Condoms are great in preventing both pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. But according to a study, it was found that the failure rate of a condom is 2% during consistent use, but during a typical use when the person trying it has less or no experience or even if it is used improperly, the failure rate rises to alarming 18%.
Each year the number of people getting infected by HIV increasing, and the girls among the age of 15-24 years account for the 50% of the total globally infected people. It was found that 1000 were infected each year in a sub-saharan desert.
After much research, the scientist came up with an idea to make an HIV prevention ring for women. This was the first time the women who were unfortunately always seen as second to men in many societies will have their own reliable ring for the prevention of HIV.

After it was created, the studies have been conducted in many countries, this time the venue of the study was USA.
96 girls were given the ring, their age was 15-17, who have never used it before. It was thought that it would be terribly difficult to manage the teenagers who were very active in sexual activities, but the results of the study were impressive instead.
87% of the girls were found with the detectable traces of the drug which was released from the ring. 95% said it was very easy to use. 74% even said that they did not even notice the ring in their day to day life. It was thought that the girl’s partner may not like the touch of the ring but it was found that it enhanced the pleasure instead.
The ring is similar to the device used for contraceptions. It is infused with microbicides, it sits on the cervix and it has been expected to cut infections at least by 56%.
It is also going to be tested in Africa as well as all around the world.
If the ring regulatory approval, this will be a huge step towards making women more confident and secure.