The night of 31st October proved deadly for America when a truck carried out a death roll for the people of Manhattan, striking merry people in a festive Halloween mood.

Eight people were killed, whereas a dozen injured when a man in a rented truck went about mowing pedestrians and cyclists from one hand, using the other to drive the truck, which he later rammed into a school bus while trying to flee.

The city police, who described the act as terrorism, struck a bullet in the attacker’s abdomen and caught him. But as it is, it was too late, for the innocent ones had lost their lives. According to sources, the accused is critical but is expected to survive.

Reports said the 29-year old attacker even shouted “Allah-hu Akbar” before carrying out the atrocious act. His seat was found vacated with a note which said he worked for the Islamic State terror group.

President Donald Trump called the attacker a sick and deranged person in his tweet and said that this is not acceptable in the U.S., while he also claimed stepping up homeland security.

Officials reported that the accused, who is the chief suspect in yesterday’s killing, is Sayfullo Saipov, an immigrant from Uzbekistan who came to the U.S. in 2010. He said that the truck was rented by him only an hour before the killing.

Other high ranking officials claimed the attack to be a “cowardly act of terror aimed at innocent civilians” and a “lone wolf” attack, as no evidence of a wider plot was found.

A Joint Terrorism Taskforce, which included the FBI and the New York City Police, was formed to probe the attack.

Despite the attacks, Halloween went as scheduled, with revelers dwelling on city streets, all decked up in scary Halloween costumes, amidst tightened security, while all this happened only a few blocks away from the site of attack.