Just about 500,000 Syrians have come back to their homes this year, the UN says, depicting this as an “eminent pattern”.

The UN exile office (UNHCR) says more than 440,000 inside uprooted Syrians and around 31,000 of the individuals who fled abroad have now returned.

A large portion of them have come back to Aleppo, Hama, Homs and Damascus with the point of keeping an eye on their properties and getting some answers concerning relatives.

In any case, the UNHCR cautions the conditions for a sheltered return “are not yet set up”.

Talking on Friday, UNHCR representative Andrej Mahecic said his organization was currently observing an “eminent pattern of unconstrained comes back to and fro Syria” in 2017.



“A large portion of these individuals are coming back to keep an eye on their properties, to get some answers concerning the relatives. This is the thing that we know from a portion of the proof that we have accumulated.

“Now and again they have their own recognitions about the security, regardless of whether they are genuine or seen changes in the security circumstance in the regions where they are going to.”

Since 2015, he stated, around 260,000 evacuees have as of now come back to Syria, basically from Turkey.

In view of the most recent figures, the UNHCR has begun scaling up its operations inside Syria to better address the necessities of those returning home, Mr Mahecic said.

In any case, he cautioned that while there were expanded expectations connected to the current Astana and Geneva peace talks, the UNHCR “trusts conditions for outcasts to return in security and respect are not yet set up in Syria”.

Mr Mahecic additionally said that the quantity of the individuals who had as of now returned was a “division” of an expected five million displaced people facilitated in the district.


A week ago, the UNHCR said that in regards to 200,000 individuals had fled Syria in 2016.

The organization said that since the contention started in 2011, around 5.5 million individuals had left the nation, and another 6.3 million had been left inside dislodged.

More than 300,000 Syrians have lost their lives in the war, which started with hostile to government challenges.

The Islamic State aggressor gathering (IS) has pulled back from the last region it held in Aleppo region as government powers proceed with their propel, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says, however, the claim has not been autonomously checked.