Swine flu, also known as H1N1, have claimed many lives in India till now. If compared with previous year, the number of deaths this year has risen. India is facing the wave of death because of this disease as same as it faced few years back.

The outbreak has claimed 1,094 lives over the last three weeks, estimated to be around 342. A total of 22,186 cases have been reported so far during this year. The number of deaths till reported till now is four times than the deaths reported in year 2016 for the same period of time.

The most affected state by this disease is the western state of Maharashtra  with deaths toll of 437, according to the data disclosed by the Union Health Ministry. Neighboring state, Gujarat, is severely affected too, with death tolling up to 297 as reported by the PTI news agency.


When we look back on the statistics of 2015, the health officials reported that the outbreak killed more than 1,900 people. While, in comparison we saw a downfall in deaths in the year 2016, which were reported to be 265 and affected cases to be 1,786. The number we have in this year clearly shows the resurgence of this disease.

India saw its most tippling outbreak in the year 2009-2010, when the H1N1 virus affected around 50,000 people and the deaths reported to be more than 2,700 across the country.

A doctor, medical director, of a private hospital said that it was not obligatory for the private hospitals to disclose all the deaths and the people affected by the disease to the government’s database. “The numbers in the official report are possibly just the tip of the iceberg”.

While we see the government working to improve the infrastructure, tourism, and even many not so important thing, as the lives of people are, why a very important issue such as health is being neglected ?