The death of a 7-year-old, class 2nd student, Pradumn Thakur created havoc in the national capital. Parents protested, they continued with the protests today, there are legal charges being pressed against the school. There were several suspects held for questioning, the bus conductor being the major suspect had been arrested under charges of sexually harassing the child, but he later confessed to killing Pradyuman and denying the sexual harassment charges. Other major officials of the school are being questioned but the regional head and the human resources head have been arrested.

The Gurgaon branch of Ryan International has remained closed today and will remain closed tomorrow. The outlet will reopen on Wednesday for senior students, classes 6 to 12, but will remain closed for the primary section until further notice. Other schools including Tagore Public School where a 5-year-old child was raped in a classroom will also remain closed. Protests had broken up in front of other Ryan branches in the national capital.

There were a few major developments today. A team of Haryana Police has headed towards Mumbai to start the investigation at the roots, the Ryan International Headquaters in Mumbai. The Haryana Police has formed fourteen teams for this investigation. The victim’s parents have asked for a probe by the CBI in this case and their petition was heard in the Supreme Court on the 11th of September, at 12:30 IST.

The principal of the school is next in line to be arrested due to her sheer negligence. Neerja Batra was a stand-in principal. The investigation to be conducted in Mumbai is being done to understand the system more clearly and to understand the organizational structure of the school.

Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia has demanded that a “verification of staff by the police is a must in schools”. This verification should be done in all schools as soon as possible to avoid such cold-blooded murders in the future. A seven-year-old lost his life, not because he did something drastically wrong, but because he was at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Pradyuman’s father has requested parents to protest peacefully, quoting him “I know there is anger among the parents. But I appeal to all of them to refrain from any violence and protest in a peaceful manner.” This is not a response from an illogical parent, he has been very rational throughout this sad state of affairs and is continuing with the same determination and avoiding violence. Union HRD minister, Prakash Javedkar has condemned the killing of this innocent child, the minister rightly said that we need to be “acting together” to reach viable solutions for a safe future.


I have never thought twice before going to school, no child should have to. There should be no fear of going to school, be it in the form of getting bullied or facing the wrath of a teacher or as we have seen in these past few days, the fear of not being able to return home safely. We have been taught to love education but when will the education system begin loving the children it teaches. The negligence of teachers can cause a lot of problems and avoid this problem can solve a lot of cases, as they would have never happened in the first place. India is a growing country, if our children are not safe, then are we safe? Is anyone truly safe?