In the event that the recently chose BJP government in Uttar Pradesh propelled a crackdown on unlawful slaughter houses , another BJP-ruled State, Gujarat, concocted an amendment  to make cow slaughter an offense culpable with life term, a first in the nation. The most stringent provision of the amendment is granting greatest detainment up to life, yet at the very least 10 years, to those discovered involvement in slaughter of cows, buffaloes etc.

The Gujarat animal preservation (amendment) bill, passed by the Assembly in the absence of Opposition members who were suspended from the House on the last day of the budget session, has also made cow slaughter, transportation of cow or beef and beef products a cognisable and non-bail able offence.

It has likewise proposed a fine which “may reach out to Rs 5 lakh yet might not be under Rs 1 lakh” for those discovered liable of cow slaughter. In the announcement of objects of the Bill, the legislature noticed that “it is considered necessary to provide for more deterrent punishment for offences committed by contravening the provisions of the Act and also to make the offences cognizable and non-bail able.” Under the current Gujarat Animal Preservation Act 1954, which was altered in 2011 by the then government headed by Narendra Modi, the greatest punishment was imprisonment of seven years for cow slaughter, however at the very least three years. In any case, looking for more stringent arrangements, the legislature noticed that checking the hazard of unlawful cow slaughtering required a harder law. “The assembly passed assurance Bill, among the most stringent in the nation, making cow butcher a life time culpable offense,” chief minister  Vijay Rupani stated, including, “protection of cows is the single most important principle towards saving the whole world from both moral and spiritual degradation.”

Guiding the alteration Bill in the assembly, junior home minister Pradipsinh Jadeja stated, “cows  don’t just have a religious noteworthiness but additionally monetary significance in our society and it is most  important to improve laws to deter those involved in cow slaughtering.”

Cow is the symbol of Indian culture and it should be protected. Such strict actions should be implemented throughout the nation so that cow slaughtering is reduced to the maximum level. It would be in the respect of Indian culture as well as economic benefit.