Manish khari Case

The people of Greater Noida are on fire after the death of a locality, Manish khari who was a class 12th student.  Five Nigerian neighbours are accused of the murder. Initially they were blamed by the localites for cannibalism but later on the accuses turned to be wrong as Manish khari returned home on the next very day. After returning he sooner died and it was reported that his death was due to drug overdose and the Nigerians were not even spared of this blame as well. FIR was lodged against the Nigerians by Manish’s parents. On Sunday, scores of African students participated in a demonstration at Kasna police station in Greater Noida to protest the murder charges. Due to lack of any strong evidences against the Nigerians, all five of them were discharged and are kept at a unknown place for their safety as the localities of Greater Noida are very resentful and are demanding for the arrest of five of the Nigerians as soon as possible.  The Indian mod protested and carried out a candle light march demanding justice for Manish khari.

The police and other officials were still working on the case and were in a constant contact with the Nigerian officials but something very unpleasant happened that not only shocked the nation but also led the entire world to question on the security of foreigners in India. It was really shameful that Indians attacked on the non guilty Nigerians to show their anger and wounded four to five Nigerians as per the reports. One Nigerian was attacked at pari chowk by a mob and two were attacked inside ansal plaza near pari chowk.  Further a Nigerian girl is also reported to be harassed in the early morning while getting off an auto.

Shushma Swaraj has personally taken up the incident as a serious concern and has assured full safety of the Nigerian students. African government has been promised for a fair, unbiased and transparent investigation by the Indian authorities.

This is not the first time when an incident of violence against African nationals was reported from NCR. The safety and security of foreigners is at stake in India .now the question that arises is that “Is India becoming a nightmare for foreign students?” Government should act meticulously to ensure and maintain a stand on protecting the rights of foreign nationals in India.