As the well known “killer” also known as the blue whale game have claimed lives all across the globe, it has also claimed a hand some amount now in India too. First one was reported of a teen in Mumbai and the other in Bengal and knows how many have been left unreported till now. As after the game have claimed so many lives the government now felt the need to BAN this game and remove all links from all social media platforms such as Google, WhatsApp, facebook etc.

Union Women and Children Development Minister, Maneka Gandhi, Cheif Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal and Cheif Minister of Kerala Pinaram Vijayan have requested the Centre to ban the game as this game is claming lives of innocent children. The government finally took this action on Tuesday.
The Ministry of electronics and IT said in a letter that the deaths in India because of Blue Whale game are increasing and they have received so many requests to “remove any such links of this deadly game in its own name or similar game immediately”. Law and IT Minister  Ravi Shankar Prasad has reportedly ordered to issue letter.
The Women and Children Development Minister took this matter with all other officials and demanded an action against this game.
Along side demanding the remove the links from social media and every other platform she advises the parents to monitor their child’s internet activities and prevent their kids from falling a prey to such life risking games.
The reports of deaths because of this game is increasing at a high rate. Blue Whale is an online dare game that consists of 50 dares and the last dare is to kill oneself i.e suicide.