# Google employees :- San Ramon (US), Jul 28 (AP) Google has decided that most of its 200,000 staff and contractors will be operating from home until next June, a sobering assessment of the company’s future remaining impact of the pandemic offering answers to the world’s most popular internet search engine.

The remote-work order that Google CEO Sundar Pichai released Monday also impacts other businesses operated by Google’s corporate parent, Alphabet Inc. This is a six-month extension of Google’s earlier decision to keep most of its offices closed for the remainder of this year.

I know this extended timeframe will come with mixed feelings and I want to make sure you ‘re taking care of yourself, “Pichai, who’s also the CEO of Alphabet, wrote in an email to employees.

The Wall Street Journal had first written on Pichai ‘s decision.

Considering that the technology industry was at the forefront of the move to remote work caused by the spread of the novel coronavirus, the extended shutdown of Google’s offices may cause other major employers to take similar precautions.

Shortly before the World Health Organization announced a pandemic on March 11, Google and several other prominent tech companies had advised their workers to operate from home. Google had initially intended to encourage a small number of employees to return over the summer to their headquarters in Mountain View, California, and other offices.
Yet the continued spread of the pandemic forced Google to postpone the reopening until January and it has now triggered yet another delay.

In addition to helping protect people from the virus, the new target date for reopening Google’s offices in July 2021 will make it easier for staff with children to transition to schools that do not require students to return to campus next month and in September. It would also make it easier for employees to sign one-year leases if they want to rent a home elsewhere when living outside the workplace.

Pichai ‘s email indicated that certain offices in 42 countries could be reopened by Google and Alphabet, but he did not specify which. But new rules mean that Google ‘s largest offices will remain largely unoccupied by June 2021. The decision affects more than 123,000 workers on Google’s and other Alphabet companies’ payroll, as well as 80,000 contractors who usually work on the campuses of the firms.
The pandemic has also caused a number of other tech firms to tell their staff that they will not have to return to work this year. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has taken the most drastic step so far by telling the staff of the messaging company that they will never have to return to the workplace if they don’t want to, an offer which he also extends to Square workers, a payment processing company which he also runs. – Source PTI   # Google employees