These skater girls are challenging gender inequality in India. This group of female skateboarders wears pink sari and sequins. These women have put the streets of Bangalore on fire. ATITA VERGHESE, first professional skateboarder, is the one who is leading this pack of such amazing skateboarders. Verghese is the founder of the Girl Skate India. She is so fed up with the inequality conditions prevailing in India, so, she  made this group the Girl Skate India to make people aware about equality of every gender over everything. The main motto is to increase the number of female skateboarders.

These young female skateboarders were featured in a music video for the single from Wild Beasts’ Album Boy King, “ALPHA FEMALES. In 2016, twelve female skateboarders from nine different countries embarked on skateboard journey through the country encourage Indian girls to participate in skateboarding.  Atita is the founder of Girl Skate India. She is passionate about gender equality and sees skateboarding as one of the most socially inclusive sports, even though it is predominantly made up of male participants.  Atita is especially inspired by the Skateistan movement in Afghanistan, where 40% of Skateistan’s skaters are female. She wants to motivate girls to come out of their houses and even of their comfort zones and prove to people that women are no less than anyone.

As of 2014, statistics of Untied Nations, India  has been ranked 136 out of 186 countries in inequality index and if we are to ponder upon domestic statistics the results are yet worse. In such age of darkness and gloom we have people like Atita and her group who shine out bright and lightens up the world with their motivation and dreams. Women like Atita and her group are the extraordinary role model for the society and help everyone come up from the orthodox thinking of gender inequality. These sari- clad skateboarders are the real super heros and ALPHA FEMALES!