A Gentleman Movie Review


Cast: Sidharth Malhotra, Jacqueline Fernandez, Hussain Dalal, Darshan Kumar, Suniel Shetty
Rating: 3/5 ☆☆☆

DURATION: 2 hours 12 minutes

A Gentleman MovieA Gentleman is a lazy title for this action-comedy, which is an improvement on the leave-your-brains-at-home genre that we have been (just as) lazily lapping up.Directors Raj & DK introduce the two Siddharth with light humor and low-key intrigue. Gaurav is a good boy with slicked-back hair, tucked-in shirt, a safe mini-van and a big house. He’s passively wooing Kavya ( Jacqueline ). Rishi enters the scene jumping off a railing and knocking a security guard unconscious; he’s a rough, risk-taking contract killer for Unit X headed by Colonel ( Suniel Shetty.

A GENTLEMAN ReviewA Gentleman has a lot of moving parts; it cuts between the two Siddharth with some thrill and a dose of dry humor in the first half. Special points must be given out for not resorting to slapstick or physical comedy. The connection between the two a smoothly executed sequence halfway through the movie is the highlight. The directors could have easily used the big suspense as the climax, however, they take a chance by making it their story’s interval.But the downside of that risk reveal is that the intrigue is sucked out of the movie. The second half steadily declines into the usual action fare with stolen hard drives, close-quarter combats, and heists in big glass buildings. The elaborate action sequences will make you want to check your phones.
In such moments, the film’s lead pair helps in keeping your eyes on the screen. Sidharth plays the two parts with distinctive skills and puts his charm to good use. Jacqueline’s sincerity is palpable and she makes for a breezy addition here, but her role is unnecessary. Hussain Dalal provides comic relief and Darshan Kumar’s one-note villainous act is satisfactory.
The film would have been a perfect entertainer had it held its cards close to its chest. However, it still has plenty bang for your buck.

Gentleman Movie Review