The first national survey of rural India: A joint initiative of Gaon Connection and Lokniti-CSDS

The National Survey which was conducted during the pandemic, following the social distancing norms were based on face-to-face comprehensive interviews with 25,300 respondents, in 179 districts across 20 states and three union territories. The survey was designed and data analyzed by the Lokniti, a programme of the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (Lokniti-CSDS) based in New Delhi.

‘The Rural Report’ of Gaon Connection, based on the detailed questionnaire which had a total of 83 questions and was categorised into 11 broad themes/chapters. These include – Migration, Impact on farmers, Impact on poultry and dairy farmers, Hunger, Livelihood and MGNREGA, Government schemes, Debt and financial stress, Health, Water. The findings will be released today. Fieldwork was conducted by the gaon connection team.