On Wednesday,11th October 2017,  Mr Anupam Kher, who is a successful Indian actor becomes the chairman of Film and Television Institute of India (FTII). He has experience of around 35 years in film industry and has done over 500 films.
His first fiction production was  Khawaboon Ki Zamin Par, in year 2016. In the same year he also naratted Bharatvarsh which is a TV series and it told about the journey from ancient India to the 19th century.

He was honoured by the walk of the stars as his hand print was presented for posterity at Bandra Bandstand in Mumbai. He was presented with the “Honoured Guest” award by the US state of Texas for his contribution to cinema and act.
FTII was established in the year 1960 and directed by Mr Bhupendra Kainthola. This institute is under the ministry of Information and Broadcasting of the Government of India and aided by the Central Government of India.
Basically it provides us an opportunity to learn various courses like in film direction, editing, cinematography, audiography, and they take 3-4years.Courses for 2-4 years includes acting and art direction. For those who are interested in spending around only 1.5 years FTII offers computer graphics and animations and a year course in feature film script writing and a post graduate certificate in direction electronic cinematography, video editing and audiography.

Mr Anupam Kher is followed by Mr Gajendra Singh Chauhan, who is also an actor and has worked in around 600 TV series and 150 films. In 2014 Chauhan was selected as chairman of FTII.
As he is not good enough in film making and acting so it was problematic for students. Moreover he lacked the quality to handle the affairs of FTII.
But at the same time he said he wished the government had given him more time to complete the work he started
Kher had also led NSD and the Central Board of Film Certification in the past said “lm happy and humbled to facilitate students with my experience in Indian and international cinemas travel and stage acting. I think sharing experiences add up to perspectives.
His wife Mrs Kiran Kher congratulated him and cheered him and tweeted “Congratulations my dear @AnupamPKher for becoming FTII chairman! Know did a great job!”