Let’s get back to the time when India was undivided but then that day came when many from India were sent to Pakistan and many from Pakistan to India leaving their original lands behind.

Nirmal Bakshi’s family was forced to leave Pakistan during partition. And there was her sister struggling at her land which was no longer hers. Nirmal Bakshi narrates her sister’s heartbreaking story while she crossed the border.

She says one of her sisters was stranded in Jhelum. Her husband was a recruiting officer at that time, he thought that Mirpur would become the part of India so he sent his family to Mirpur but eventually, it became the part of Pakistan. So, her sister got stuck there while the whole of her town left together to cross the border. Her sister recently got married and had a two and a half year old daughter. She was very young and attractive and was wearing all pretty clothes like a recently wed Hindu woman wears. A Muslim man began pursuing her. He urged her to come along with her and promised to keep her happy. At that time she hadn’t eaten much and was looking weak so she thought that she is suffering from tuberculosis. In those days, there was no cure for tuberculosis. She told him that she had just left the hospital and is really very sick so there was no point of them getting married.


That man stayed with her for the next few nights and stayed by her side just to make sure that nobody takes her away. He was the one to feed her and provide her with roties. That was very kind and never forcibly took her away with him.  She wanted to be in bad shape and look utterly miserable as she didn’t want anyone to look at her. She had this thought stuck in her mind that she was a tuberculosis patient and she had just numbered days left for her to live. All this time she was carrying her baby. She was a healthy baby so it was being hard for her to carry her so she asked one of her relative to carry her child for few days for the meantime that relative gave her own child to her but cruel of being of her relative he abandoned her child somewhere and didn’t tell anything to her. And no one came to take even that child from her. Somehow she managed to find one of her relative and handed over the kid to them and continued her journey ahead.

Meanwhile, the country was parting away many of the families were also breaking apart, many lost lives, many mothers lost their kids, many kids lost their parents at both the ends. But no cry was loud enough to be heard.