Auto enthusiasts were surprised with a varied range of new launches from some of the top companies in what was one of the most exciting motor shows ever. Few companies like Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Peugeot and Volvo were absent this year, but then again, companies that did turn up like Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari, and Audi filled in the void by keeping the exhibitors busy with their products.

Mercedes AMG Project One

The Mercedes AMG Stall was perhaps the busiest in the Frankfurt Motor Show with the company showing off the AMG Project One, a hypercar powered by a Formula 1 hybrid 1.6L twin turbo engine capable of reaching up to a thousand BHP. It is capable of reaching 0 to 200 KPH in 6 Seconds with a top speed of 350 KPH. Only 275 of these will be built and the price for one will be £ 2.5 million.

BMW X7 SUV Concept

With the Range Rover as its supposed competition, the new X7 is also part of BMW’s Hybrid  i Series. Much bigger in size than the X5 series, the 7-seater is expected to arrive late next year at a starting price of £70,000. Along with the X7, BMW also announced an update to the M5 Series.

Ferrari Portofino

As a replacement to the California T, the Portofino is an all new body and chassis and while it carries the same engine as its predecessor, it weighs 85 Kgs less and is 35% more structurally rigid. Named after an Italian village, the interiors, just like the exteriors have also been upgraded. It is expected to be launched around mid-2018 at a price of around £170,000.

Bentley New Continental GT

The luxury car series is getting an upgrade with the New Continental GT, with a new aluminium structure weighing almost 150 kg’s less than the old GT. The 8 speed twin clutch automatic gearbox with a new drive terrain as well as suspension system claims to be more fun, comfortable and engaging to drive providing a much better weight distribution. Priced at around £180,000, it is expected to be out by spring of next year.

Audi Aicon and Elaine

Car manufacturers are closer to making autonomous cars as Audi is one step closer to achieving Level 4 autonomy in their new line of automobiles. Level 4 autonomy means conditional but fully automated driving, meaning that the cars will anticipate what the drivers want even before giving commands. This line of cars is expected to be out by 2020, but could be made available as early as 2019.

Honda Urban EV Concept

Expected to make its debut in 2019, the mix of futuristic as well as classic Volkswagen Golf like design was a surprise at this year’s Auto Show. Although Honda has not provided any details about the specifications of the car, the company expects to move towards electronic cars. It is expected that by 2025, 2/3rd of its car sales in Europe will be fully electric.